The value of specialist technical knowledge

Whether working directly with you, your engineering consultants, or via the contract chain, Polaris helps you to harness innovative technology and commercial models. By consulting with an IRC technology specialist from the outset, you can create clear, unambiguous, contractual design specifications that deliver your operational and commercial goals.

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Making technology work for you and your residents

Our model addresses immediate day-to-day challenges at the same time as adopting a managed roadmap approach to achieving operational excellence through technology.

Design, technical, compliance and consulting expertise solves the complex life safety, security and communications challenges that are specific to IRC operators.

Maximising your technology investment

You require robust, future-focused strategies to balance total cost of ownership and commercial strategy with resident safety, security and quality of life.

In a complex industry with multiple service providers, technologies and regulations, it's easy to get bogged down by the 'technical' details. Our team facilitates a customer-led approach, helping to approach things more strategically, resulting in a clear, unambiguous technical specification that can be shared with and actioned by the project’s consulting engineer.

The challenge for IRC operators

With safety, security, regulatory and budgetary requirements in a state of flux and a rapidly evolving technology landscape, it's imperative for you to remain agile or you risk being left behind.

⬡ You and your development partners aren’t technology experts so you’ll likely require additional specialist knowledge and support

⬡ Technology specified for a new development can become obsolete even before residents move in

⬡ Compliance requirements evolve, so newer technologies are required to keep people safe and protected at all times

⬡ Resident demands around the latest technologies increase pressure on commercial strategies

⬡ Technology decisions made at the beginning can have serious knock-on effects to the cost and viability of the overall development

Polaris services

Professional services

From full technical design and consultation services, to the development of technology-enabled commercial strategies and bespoke specifications, Polaris combines innovation and industry knowledge to develop tailored solutions that achieve your goals.

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Technology strategy

Whether introducing you to the latest innovations, offering product advice, developing new technology-enabled revenue streams or enabling obsolescence planning and budgeting, Polaris helps you navigate the technical complexity associated with IRC projects.

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Without specialist technical knowledge, procurement can be complicated and difficult to navigate. Let Polaris guide you through the tender process, helping to select trusted and expert installation partners, evaluate tenders, manage the supply chain, and advise on budgets and costs.

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Ready to maximise your technology investment?