Taking innovation and delivering smart protection

Our technology specialists collaborate with our compliance experts and industry consultants to pioneer the use of cutting-edge technologies from across the life safety, security and communications landscape; delivering future-proofed smart solutions that protect people, places and spaces both now and in the future.

Technology services

We curate the most suitable security and life safety technology, designing smart user and maintenance-friendly systems, simplifying the protection of people, places and spaces everywhere.

  • Technology strategy

    You have to make tough choices about how best to use technology, balancing the protection needs of your people, places and spaces with budgetary and operational challenges. With so many options in fire protection, life safety, security, CCTV, access control, fibre networks and other smart protection services, a successful strategy based on differentiating capabilities is essential to create and sustain long-term value. We work collaboratively with you to integrate and capitalise on technologies across different systems, building trust and operational efficiencies across your organisation whilst remaining sympathetic to your budgetary needs. We help enhance commercial capabilities, increase operational excellence through updated systems and architecture, and improve the delivery of protection for your people, places and spaces. We bring bold and pragmatic solutions that solve today’s problems while giving you flexibility to respond in an unknown future. Lasting safety, security and protection relies on having the right technology strategy in place to deliver operational excellence. Once your strategy is in place, we have the skills and expertise to fully implement, manage and maintain.

  • Technology installation

    To better protect your people, places and spaces you need the best smart technology today. Through integrated planning and execution we help you to deliver, whatever the size, complexity, timescales and demands of your protection goal. Our engineers expertly combine an understanding of your operational needs with technical ability to install systems you can trust and rely upon. We are experts at unlocking the potential of smart, converged life safety, security and communications systems. Working with TIS you get one partner who can deliver multiple systems and solutions.

  • Fire protection

    The potentially disastrous nature of fire and its repercussions means you need to invest in fire safety and alarm systems that are resilient and can be relied upon to deliver when required. We help you to develop an integrated fire protection strategy that aligns technology, people, and operations, mitigating and reducing risks and threats. We curate the most suitable fire safety technologies to design, install and maintain tailored fire protection systems that operate across converged IP networks, giving you the ability to monitor and respond to potential risks quickly and safely.

  • Security

    The dangers associated with security and safety breaches requires a strong focus on robust security strategies and technologies. Our experts assess, advise and manage, helping you to mitigate risk; protect your people, places and spaces; eradicate security flaws and monitor potential security incidents. We curate the most suitable security technologies to design, install and maintain bespoke security systems that operate across converged IP networks, enabling you to quickly and easily restrict or allow access, monitor and respond to potential security risks. As an independent systems integrator, we constantly review the marketplace, harnessing the best and most suitable next-generation technologies, including: CCTV, facial recognition, object tracking, number plate recognition, warden call, access control, fingerprint scanning, alarms, intruder detection sensors, control equipment, communication devices and automatic doors and gates.

  • Communications services

    We deliver robust and flexible infrastructures for all of your communication needs, integrating wireless solutions such as 4G, 5G, WiFi and satellite technologies. Our multi-skilled engineers have extensive knowledge and experience across solutions such as PABX, intercom, door entry and warden call. It's likely that your communications room or datacentre sits at the centre of your organisation, a vital component in the smooth and efficient running of day-to-day operations. Whether it's refurbishment works, a new installation or ongoing maintenance, we understand your need for reliable and resilient systems. We can design, install, service and maintain your business’s infrastructure based on your current needs and future expansion goals.

  • Systems integration

    There are significant operational efficiencies and longer-term cost savings that can be made by overcoming complex integration challenges to ensure technologies and systems are connected and optimised. We provide consultation and implementation expertise that can create seamless, compatible, intelligent and integrated life safety, security and communications systems. We can be your single integration partner, delivering systems working in complimentary fashion as opposed to disconnected systems delivered by multiple partners that work disparately.

  • Maintenance

    We strive to simplify complexity by designing and installing systems that are easier to manage and offer operational efficiencies. Properly designed systems should result in fewer faults and less maintenance requirements. Our flexible maintenance contracts help to deliver lower total cost of ownership for your organisation. The technical expertise of our multi-skilled engineers means we can manage and maintain multiple life safety and security systems for you, reducing costs, providing operational efficiencies and delivering peace-of-mind.

One partner. Multiple systems and solutions

Well-designed, integrated, smart life safety, security and communications systems that are easier to manage and cost less to maintain.

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Next-generation technologies, design & compliance expertise

Our cross-functional teams collaborate with you to develop smart protection solutions across strategy, design and end-to-end delivery.

Design & consultancy expertise

Daren​ Little, IT Director, Audley Group

"Operating in the luxury retirement village sector brings a level of expectation from our customers on the standard of technology provided. To achieve this I need to partner with a company that understands my IT Infrastructure and technology requirements, along with being able to provide exceptional design and consultation services. I’m pleased to say I have found this partner in TIS. The engagement and high standard of work I get from every level of the business is what keeps TIS at the top of my list of partners."

Kevin Willetts, Executive Director of Development, Sales & Procurement, The ExtraCare Charitable Trust

"TIS is not your usual security and communications integrator. Not only do they provide the full range services and disciplines that ExtraCare needs, but the team takes time to listen and understand our strategy and then tailor their services to help us reach our goals. Any successful long-term partnership requires commitment and trust, and throughout the many years ExtraCare has partnered with TIS, their open and transparent culture has exemplified this."

Premium service strategy

We've got some strong beliefs about how to be a smart, intelligent, customer-focused organisation. Learn more about our Premium Service Strategy and how it underpins our entire business.

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