Design & consultancy

Simplifying complexity

You face daily pressures on strategic and operational needs, duty-of-care, revenues and budgets.

We combine industry innovation and technology solutions with extensive sector, regulatory, technical and consulting expertise to solve complex safety and security problems.

Working directly with you, your engineering consultants, or via the contract chain, our expert team designs robust, reliable solutions to your specific challenges.

Design & consultancy services

Our design and consultancy services create future-proofed, integrated smart protection systems that deliver peace-of-mind and lower total cost of ownership.

  • Design

    When it comes to life safety, fire protection or security, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We believe that good design is obvious, but great design is transparent. Making the seemingly complex, suddenly simple. We believe simplicity, success and customer delight go hand-in-hand because, when things are simple by design, they tend to be robust and reliable. That’s why every aspect of our design is built with you and your stakeholders in mind.

  • Strategy

    As a forward-thinking organisation you need robust, reliable, future-proofed strategies that effectively balance life safety and security with cost efficiencies. In a complex industry with multiple service providers, technologies and regulations, it's easy to get bogged down by the 'technical' details. But it's rarely as simple as how many CCTV cameras or fire sensors you need to install. Our team facilitates a customer-led approach, helping you to approach things more strategically. Whether it's focusing on your commercial strategy to help enhance your overall proposition, or reviewing your operational capabilities to reduce costs and improve efficiencies, we can help you to develop focused, actionable and effective strategic responses to your most challenging questions.

  • Concept consultation

    From proof-of-concept to prototype, pilot and roll-out, we can prove the feasibility and value of new concepts for you, developing new technologies or combining and integrating existing solutions to create systems that solve specific needs. We have a track record of developing new concepts for customers, or working collaboratively to bring their vision to life. Our detailed process explores the opportunities and potential challenges, before developing a concept, testing it and implementing it.

  • Digital transformation consultancy

    The digital transformation of analog technologies, systems and processes help you to minimise costs and improve efficiencies, without impacting protection. Our digital transformation experts help you to produce sustained cost-savings and operational efficiencies by creating digital ecosystems of smart, integrated technologies and systems that better protect people, places and spaces.

Peace-of-mind delivered for lower total cost of ownership

Well-designed, integrated, smart life safety, security and communications systems that are easier to manage and cost less to maintain.

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Combining design & consultancy with technological innovation and compliance expertise.

Our cross-functional teams collaborate with you to develop smart solutions across strategy, design and end-to-end delivery.

Technology expertise

Kevin Hudson, Construction Director, Audley Group

"Audley’s aim is to be the market leader and most trusted provider of luxury retirement living in the UK, and as such we need to partner with organisations who can match that level of commitment and premium service. TIS has been our partner of choice for design and installation of specialist systems in our luxury villages for over 10 years and this speaks volumes about them as an organisation."

Luan Meadows, Asset & Maintenance Manager, ExtraCare

"Having worked with TIS for a number of years, both with this organisation and in a previous role, TIS is the leader in this field. They manage a number of disciplines across our portfolio and always make the service feel seamless. Their commitment to us as a client is exceptional and working with them to form a partnership has been a pleasure. TIS has made it their business to understand what we need as a client and this is reflected in the service we receive."

Daren​ Little, IT Director, Audley Group

"Operating in the luxury retirement village sector brings a level of expectation from our customers on the standard of technology provided. To achieve this I need to partner with a company that understands my IT Infrastructure and technology requirements, along with being able to provide exceptional design and consultation services. I’m pleased to say I have found this partner in TIS. The engagement and high standard of work I get from every level of the business is what keeps TIS at the top of my list of partners."

Premium Service Strategy

We've got some strong beliefs about how to be a smart, intelligent, customer-focused organisation. Learn more about our Premium Service Strategy and how it underpins our entire business.

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