Smart protection for our nation's ships, submarines & aircraft

You already operate in some of the most challenging environments known to humankind. With outdated, legacy technology that needs to be maintained, repaired or upgraded, you need a life safety, security and communications partner with specialist knowledge and expertise of your unique requirements. As our nation's protectors, you need peace-of-mind that your people, places and spaces are safe and secure as they go about their operational duties.

Defence solutions

As an independent systems integrator, we specialise in driving digital transformation, delivering our vision of a world that is better protected as it lives and works.

We are experts at unlocking the potential of smart, converged life safety, security and communications systems for the protection of people, ships, submarines and land bases, designing, installing and maintaining systems uniquely optimised to your specific requirements.

  • Converged system design & consultancy

    Realise the benefits of a single partner delivering multiple systems and solutions. Our experts can help you to produce sustained cost-savings and operational efficiencies by creating converged digital ecosystems of smart, integrated technologies and systems that communicate with each other.

  • Technology strategy

    You have to make tough choices about how best to use technology, balancing the protection needs of your people, places and spaces with budgetary and operational challenges. With so many options in CCTV, surveillance and communications services, a successful strategy is essential to create and sustain long-term value. We work collaboratively with you to integrate and capitalise on technologies across different systems, building trust and efficiencies whilst remaining sympathetic to your operational and budgetary needs. We help increase operational excellence through updated systems and architecture, and improve the delivery of protection for your people, places and spaces.

  • Obsolescence management

    We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to operate, maintain, repair, support and dispose of equipment throughout it's life. We provide practical and cost-effective solutions for sustainable development using CADMID lifecycle (Concept, Assesment, Demonstration, Manufacture, In-Service, Disposal/Termination).

  • CCTV and surveillance

    You need a strong focus on robust security strategies and technologies. Our experts assess, advise and manage, helping you to mitigate risk; protect your people, places and spaces; eradicate security flaws and monitor potential security incidents. We curate the most suitable security technologies to design, install and maintain bespoke security systems that operate across converged IP networks, enabling you to quickly and easily restrict or allow access, monitor and respond to potential security risks. As an independent systems integrator, we constantly review the marketplace, harnessing the best and most suitable next-generation CCTV, surveillance and communication technologies.

  • Ship-to-shore communications systems

    Challenging environments need flexible robust scalable telephone communication systems offering analogue and digital solutions. Our expertise includes the installation and maintenance of Digital Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) (Telephone Exchange) and satcom capabilities on Royal Navy ships, submarines and Royal Fleet Auxiliary Platforms.

  • Internal communications systems

    TIS is one of the few companies in the UK offering RICE communications systems for MoD applications. We design and install Rationalised Internal Communication Systems (RICE), providing a ship's internal communications network for point-to-point (interphone), point to multipoint, open line and intercom operations, as well as providing interfaces with the ship's telephone exchange and radio systems. We are also experts in RICE2 systems, fully programmable to suit the required application and position within the ship, coming in various designs including basic speech operation to sophisticated Torpedo Warning Devices.

  • Flight deck communications

    Design, installation and maintenance of short range radio, umbilical cable and magnetic loops to provide a method for ship communication between aircraft, the captain of the flight deck and flight deck personnel. The flight deck communications system consists of a group of integrated methods of communication between aircraft landing and controlling personnel, operations room and ships command. A telebrief group line is also used for take-off. Landing and take-off procedures are controlled by the Flight Deck Officer.

  • Technology installation

    To better protect your people, places and spaces you need the best smart technology today. Through integrated planning and execution we help you to deliver, whatever the size, complexity, timescales and demands of your protection goal. Our engineers expertly combine an understanding of your operational needs with technical ability to install systems you can trust and rely upon. Our engineers have been fully vetted by the Authority and hold MoD security clasification SC level.

  • Maintenance

    We strive to simplify complexity by designing and installing systems that are easier to manage and offer operational efficiencies. Properly designed systems should result in fewer faults and less maintenance requirements. Our flexible maintenance contracts and large stockholding of spare parts helps to deliver lower total cost of ownership. The technical expertise of our multi-skilled engineers means we can manage and maintain multiple life safety, security and communications systems for you, reducing costs, providing operational efficiencies and delivering peace-of-mind.

Delivery across strategy, design and execution.

Design & consultancy

Design, technical, compliance and consulting expertise that solves complex safety, security and communications challenges.

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Next-generation, future-proofed smart protection technologies; curated to deliver intelligence, integration and resilience.

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In-depth regulatory knowledge and expertise that promotes and achieves sustained compliance.

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Why TIS?

With over 40 years of experience and expertise working with the Ministry of Defence, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, we are experts at unlocking the potential of smart, converged life safety, security and communications systems. We design, install and maintain smart, reliable and highly-compliant security, surveillance and communications solutions that meet defence standards.

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