Smart protection for your public spaces

With local authority budgets a fraction of what they once were, you're facing unprecedented challenges to upgrade outdated analog technologies and digitally transform your control rooms and legacy CCTV infrastruture.

Our team of experts has a proven track record of helping local authorities to reduce operational costs, restructure the funding of costly infrastructure upgrades and develop a coordinated protection vision. Better protect your people, places and spaces with intelligent, converged security and communications systems.

Public spaces solutions

As an independent systems integrator, we specialise in driving digital transformation, delivering our vision of a world that is better protected as it lives and works.

We are experts at unlocking the potential of smart, converged CCTV and communications systems for public space protection. Our breadth of technical and logistical expertise enables us to develop, install and maintain solutions across dispersed geographic areas, serving mutliple towns and local authorities in a single integrated system.

  • Operational strategy & innovation

    Digital transformation is enabled by technology, but it needs to be driven by the right operational strategy. With budgets already stretched to the limit, upgrading both your CCTV surveillance control room and field assets can be a costly process, requiring financial and security trade-offs. Our innovative operational framework is proven at maximising budgets and finding creative solutions that help you to systematically develop and upgrade existing control room and field asset infrastructure simultaneously. Read more about our creative solution that helped Walsall Council to upgrade to an all-IP CCTV and surveillance network within two years by freeing up budget to reinvest annually in its field assets.

  • Converged system design & consultancy

    Realise the benefits of a single partner delivering multiple systems and solutions. Our experts can help you to produce sustained cost-savings and operational efficiencies by creating converged digital ecosystems of smart, integrated technologies and systems that communicate with each other.

  • Technology strategy

    You have to make tough choices about how best to use technology, balancing the protection needs of your people, places and spaces with budgetary and operational challenges. With so many options in security and CCTV services, a successful strategy is essential to create and sustain long-term value. We work collaboratively with you to integrate and capitalise on technologies across different systems, building trust and operational efficiencies across your organisation whilst remaining sympathetic to your budgetary needs. We help increase operational excellence through updated systems and architecture, and improve the delivery of protection for your people, places and spaces. We bring bold and pragmatic solutions that solve today’s public order, anti-social behaviour, crime and traffic and transportation monitoring problems, while giving you flexibility to respond in an unknown future. Lasting safety, security and protection relies on having the right technology strategy in place to deliver operational excellence. Once your strategy is in place, we have the skills and expertise to fully implement, manage and maintain.

  • Technology installation

    To better protect your people, places and spaces you need the best smart technology today. Through integrated planning and execution we help you to deliver, whatever the size, complexity, timescales and demands of your protection goal. Our engineers expertly combine an understanding of your operational needs with technical ability to install systems you can trust and rely upon. We are experts at unlocking the potential of smart, converged systems. Working with TIS you get one partner who can deliver multiple systems and solutions.

  • Maintenance

    We strive to simplify complexity by designing and installing systems that are easier to manage and offer operational efficiencies. Properly designed systems should result in fewer faults and less maintenance requirements. Our flexible maintenance contracts help to deliver lower total cost of ownership for your organisation. The technical expertise of our multi-skilled engineers means we can manage and maintain multiple life safety and security systems for you, reducing costs, providing operational efficiencies and delivering peace-of-mind.

Delivery across strategy, design and execution.

Design & consultancy

Design, technical, compliance and consulting expertise that solves complex safety and security challenges.

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Next-generation, future-proofed smart protection technologies; curated to deliver intelligence, integration and resilience.

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In-depth regulatory knowledge and expertise that promotes and achieves sustained compliance.

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Why TIS?

We are experts at unlocking the potential of smart, converged life safety, security and communications systems. An independent systems integrator, we design, install and maintain smart, reliable and highly-compliant life safety, security and communications solutions for public spaces.

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Case studies

East Staffordshire control room relocation

Decommissioning East Staffordshire control room and up-linking to the new dedicated CCTV Control Room for the West Midlands at WMCA.

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Walsall control room relocation

Upgrading and future-proofing Walsall Council's CCTV network and decommissioning and relocating its control room to the new, dedicated WMCA centre.

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