Public spaces - East Staffordshire & Birmingham

East Staffordshire control room relocation

Account manager - Eamonn Murphy

System installed - CCTV control room

Details - Relocation of the East Staffordshire Borough Council CCTV control room to the new dedicated control room at WMCA


The East Staffordshire Borough Council CCTV control room monitors Burton-on-Trent and Uttoxeter, keeping both public space areas secure through one integrated system.

The challenge

Working with the council and West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA), we were tasked with the complex operation of decommissioning the control room in East Staffordshire and up-linking the CCTV system to the new dedicated CCTV control room for the West Midlands at WMCA Summer Lane in Birmingham.

How we did it

We worked closely with WMCA to ensure that a carefully considered programme of works was drawn up, outlining scheduled downtime, system go-live dates, additional operative training sessions and the final handover date.

Initially, our principal consideration was to ensure that both Burton-upon-Trent and Uttoxeter were still able to receive ongoing service whilst migration of the private fibre network to the new WMCA control room was taking place.

We worked closely with the third-party service provider, BT, to ensure that quality was maintained during the fibre installation phase, scheduling the different elements for downtime without impacting on the continued service provision for WMCA and the Council.


When it came to decommissioning the existing East Staffordshire CCTV control room, we re-routed all existing camera fibre optic circuits into a new secure street cabinet based remotely from the old control room, we were then required to patch these circuits through to a new 300Mbps fibre link which was provided by BT for onward transmission to the WMCA Summer Lane control room in Birmingham.

Additionally, we supported WMCA to find a suitable method linking the sites remotely back to the main CCTV Control Room in Birmingham. To do this, we installed a centralised recording solution within the WMCA CCTV control room to accommodate the additional cameras, extending the existing Veracity Coldstore by a further 60TB.

What we delivered

We supported the client’s vision of implementing an integrated, streamlined CCTV control centre within the programmed and required timeframe. Our pricing approach for the project, coupled with our standing and links within the supply chain, enabled us to provide the client with a contingency budget for use where required. This approach was a key consideration so that the project delivered against the public’s best interests whilst maximising tight Government budgets.

We added further value to the contract through ongoing support, with service and maintenance during the warranty defects period. By producing a detailed set of Key Performance Indicators in partnership with WMCA, we were able to ensure that they would not be adversely impacted by unexpected downtime, or a total systems failure. Additional value was added to the project through the installation of remote review clients in local police stations, thus reducing the need for police officers to travel great distances to collect evidence, or wait until WMCA Central Control Room had time to download and supply evidence. The review clients were networked to the central control centre and individual access rights were granted to ensure data integrity.

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