Polaris services

Our model addresses immediate day-to-day challenges at the same time as adopting a managed roadmap approach to achieving operational excellence through technology. Our design, technical, compliance and consulting expertise solves the complex safety, security and communications challenges that are specific to IRC operators.

Professional services

From full technical design and consultation services, to the development of technology-enabled commercial strategies and bespoke specifications, Polaris combines innovation and industry knowledge to develop tailored solutions that achieve your goals.

  • Full technical design and consultation service
  • Development of technology-enabled commercial strategies
  • Development of bespoke specifications
  • Compliance with statutory requirements
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Quality assurance and sign-off
  • Act as employer representative
  • Analysis and insights into historic behaviours

Technology strategy

Whether introducing you to the latest innovations, offering product advice, developing new technology-enabled revenue streams or enabling obsolescence planning and budgeting, Polaris helps you navigate the technical complexity associated with IRC projects.

  • Introduction to the latest innovations
  • Product advice
  • Technology workshops and demonstrations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Attendance at TSG meetings
  • Obsolescence planning and budgeting
  • Developing new revenue streams
  • Reducing operating and maintenance costs


Without specialist technical knowledge, procurement can be complicated and difficult to navigate. Let Polaris guide you through the tender process, helping to select trusted and expert installation partners, evaluate tenders, manage the supply chain, and advise on budgets and costs.

  • Assistance with the tender process
  • Supply chain management
  • Tender-return evaluation
  • Budget and cost consultancy
  • Mitigation of build-cost increases
  • Reducing total cost of ownership