TIS Academy profile: Jack Kempson

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Jessica Twigg

23rd May 2022

TIS Apprenticeship Academy | My engineering career with Jack Kempson

How my fascination with objects and how they work together led me to study engineering and eventually join the Apprenticeship Academy

I’ve always known that an engineering career would be a great fit for me because of my long-held fascination with understanding how and why things work the way they do. 

My dad, who has worked for TIS for over 35 years, is also an engineer – so my exposure to both the company and engineering started from a very young age. That’s probably what steered me to study electrical and mechanical engineering at college and eventually join the Apprenticeship Academy at TIS soon after. My experience at the Academy has been great so far with an even split between course and field work. In the classroom, we’re focusing on theory and doing weekly online assessments and submitting reflective accounts to gauge how well we’re developing – allowing us to track our progress over the three years. The remaining 50 percent is spent on site with qualified TIS engineers, shadowing their work days and putting all the theory we’ve learnt into practice.

Because TIS is such a unique player in the fire and security space – being system integrators as well as handlers of such high end technology – the Apprenticeship Academy is unlike any other in the industry.  

My long-term goal would be to graduate from the Academy and work as a qualified engineer at TIS. This is something I’ll be able to do immediately after graduating thanks to the quality of the programme. Given that it is a level three accreditation, accredited by the Institute of Apprenticeships & Technical Education, a government-owned entity, I’ll be able to leave the Academy fully competent and prepared to work within the sector – something I’m incredibly excited about.