The i-Age: Maximising value in a new era of integrated retirement living

We’re witnessing a new era in integrated housing and lifestyle options for older people, driven by a demand for greater choice and greater control over how they live in later life.

Revolutionising IRCs

The UK stands on the brink of an IRC revolution. To take advantage, IRC operators need integrated solutions - across investment, innovation and interconnection - that create a pull and cater for the push.

Achieving balance

The retirement sector needs to grow in order to meet increasing demand, but it needs to balance both the needs of IRC operators with the needs of residents.

  • Investment - You need to invest now in the services, support and technology that will enable you to lower total cost of ownership, increase ROI and drive revenues.
  • Innovation - You need to be ahead of the curve to stay relevant, to innovate to ensure your products, services and care options match what your residents need and what they demand.
  • Interconnection - People are demanding to live in an environment that enables them to be better connected to friends, family and community.

Create a pull. Cater for the push.

Right now, the ‘push factor’ is the strongest driver for people to enter retirement living - a life changing event, change in health, family pressure, loneliness.

Technology sits at the heart of maximising value for operators whilst also providing personalised care for residents in the new i-Age. By harnessing technology we can create a strong 'pull factor' for retirees to proactively choose integrated retirement communities as a desirable lifestyle choice.

Create a pull: Age in place

Tailoring care: All care needs are delivered in one place enabling residents to live independently for longer.

Reducing the cost of care: Operators can provide residents with a home for life, offering a safe and secure environment with streamlined, modern support and care delivery

Cater for the push: Age safely & securely

Peace-of-mind: Family members have confidence their loved ones are in the right environment.

Increase in sales: Operators provide safe and secure people, places and spaces. Smart, intelligent life safety, security and communications systems that deliver streamlined care and reduced operating costs.

Create a pull: 20-minute neighbourhood

Imagine a world where you are able to offer your scheme, your benefits, your lifestyle options, to a wider community of people who want to stay in their own home, but need the extra support you can bring to the table.

With the 20-minute neighbourhood retirees can stay in their own homes - connected to friends, family and their community - whilst exciting, tailored lifestyle options can increase quality of life without needing to compromise on support and care delivery. Operators can reduce the cost of care via smart technology, simplifying and tailoring care delivery, allowing people to live independently for longer.

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As you can see, technology sits at the heart of maximising value for IRC operators, whilst also providing personalised care for residents…

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