Investment in people leads to milestone financial growth

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Jessica Twigg

6th March 2020

Investment in people leads to milestone financial growth - TIS

Investment in people leads to milestone financial growth

In the past year we have increased investments in our systems, infrastructure, assets and staff.

This investment has led to TIS achieving a milestone £15million turnover for the first time in our history.

Development of the Quality Team

Our strategy focuses heavily on internal culture, helping employees to engage with customers, putting them at the heart of TIS. Particular focus has been made through the development of our Quality Team. The team represent the essence of TIS, working to develop an inspiring internal culture whilst promoting excellent customer service.

At present, TIS has a lower overall headcount than it did this time last year, but thanks to the work of our Quality Team, this has resulted in an improved company ethos and more focussed employees – a dedicated team working together towards the same goal.

Karl Hayman, Head of Quality and Culture commented: “The development of the Quality Team has been imperative to TIS’ success.

Creating a positive and rewarding culture has motivated staff to deliver a truly premium service for our customers that has been reflected in our growth.”

Triumphs Continue

The success of our Quality Team can be felt across the breadth of the business and is mirrored in the calibre of TIS’ customers, which include the University of Leeds, Cadent Gas and the Audley Group.

To accommodate for our growing customer base, TIS is opening a fifth office in Uxbridge, allowing us to expand our premium service to customers in the south and south east regions.

Celebrating TIS’ success Managing Director, James Twigg, who became sole owner in April 2019 said: “I’m immensely proud of the progress we’ve made since April and I’m excited to see our triumphs continue.

Our exceptional growth is down to the dedication of each and every member of staff – we’ve definitely got lots of plans to celebrate across all of our offices!”